Partners wanted for SA MEGA Project 2011

I am looking for partners who are interesting in joining me to pursue an idea as a project for the SA MEGA program. The MEGA program is a Digital Entrepreneurship Masterclass & Business Challenge. More info on MEGA can be found here:

I have an idea for a bushfire emergency warning system that utilizes smartphones, the Internet, crowdsourcing, real time weather forecasts and modeling to allow people to make decisions about their own safety on high fire danger days. While the system would initially be developed for bushfires, I am aiming to expand it to cover other types of disasters such as severe storms, floods, cyclones, tsunami, earthquakes etc. It may also be able to be adapted to provide real time information on other events e.g. traffic conditions, civil unrest etc.

I am a Systems Engineer with over 18 years experience building complex technical systems working for other companies and want to break away and pursue the entrepreneurial dream of starting my own high technology business. I am looking for people who can complement my technical and managerial skill sets – particularly in the areas of business and finance and marketing and creative skills areas. If you fit this bill, are Adelaide based and have an yearning to create something new, exiting and potentially life saving as in my idea please contact me at or comment on this post. Also let me know if you know of someone else who might be interested.

My preference is for someone who has also been accepted into the 2011 SA MEGA program but I would be willing to work with people outside of the program. This may be a good opportunity for someone who is interested in the SA MEGA program to participate vicariously as applications for 2011 are now closed.

Leith Mudge


2 Responses to Partners wanted for SA MEGA Project 2011

  1. Christopher Harvey says:

    Please look at the following before proceeding.

    I’d like to know if there are ways I can help.

  2. Leith Mudge says:

    Hi Chris,

    I am well aware of the first system (we subscribed to it in 2009) and not aware of the second. I had a look at the website for the second. Both are similar but not the same as my idea. I think my idea has a number of advantages over both of them. Send me an email at if you are interested further and let me know a bit about yourself. Are you Adelaide based?



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